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Did you just purchase one of those eco friendly electric cars? With the proper charging cord, an electric car can be plugged into an ordinary three-prong 110-volt outlet in your garage or carport. Known as level one charging, most varieties of electric-only cars can be fully energized overnight. Consult an electrician before plugging in for the first time. If your outlet is patched into the same circuit as your kitchen or laundry room, for instance, the additional amperage drawn may be enough to trip a breaker switch. Establishing a separate circuit for charging will ensure that your EV is fed a full night of uninterrupted current. For a faster charge, A 240-volt charging system, known as level two charging, will power an EV about twice as quickly as a 120-volt connection. For most electric vehicles, that cuts the typical charge time to four hours. Some electric cars require a 16-hour charge at 120 volts if the battery becomes fully drained but only eight hours at 240 volts. Home outlets for 240-volt charging should be wired to their own independent circuit. We specialize in installing the proper charging for your EV. 

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Call the professionals at Bela Tech Electrical Contractor to set up your free estimate to simplify your car charging needs in Orlando and Central Florida.

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