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Why DIY Electrical Work Is Not A Good Idea

With Google Search and YouTube at our fingertips, the idea of "Do it Yourself" electrical work may seem tempting with the intention of saving a few bucks, however, you may end up paying a lot more if something disastrous happens or worse, injury!

Here's a list of our top reasons why you should not attempt electrical work yourself

Electrical Shock

It is no mystery that one of the foremost concerns when working around electricity is the probability of being shocked. Electrical shock can be deadly at practically any voltage level, and this is especially true when working with higher voltages.

In most residential homes the average voltage for lighting and power plugs is 110 volts. That’s surely sufficient to give you a nice jolt, but the voltage levels for specific appliances, such as ovens and dryers, can reach 240 volts–a dangerous load. It is for this reason that residential electricians go through years of instruction to master how to work safely around electricity. Sure, you can always turn off the power at the breaker panel, but all very often homeowners either overlook this step or turn off the incorrect breaker and this contributes to a serious situation.

Fire Hazard

The risk of provoking a fire due to faulty wiring should be a legitimate worry for homeowners. With so many electrical components to work with, it can be frustrating trying to solve wiring issues. All it takes is the arrangement of a particular wire in the wrong spot and the chances of an electrical fire significantly increase. And unlike electrical shock, where the results will be prompt, electrical fire hazards can remain latent for months, leading an unreal sense of security after finishing a project, and then weeks later the wiring shorts out leading to a fire. This is why you should always hire a qualified electrician when there are issues with the electrical system.


No matter how simple the task might be, fires, electrical shock, and serious injury can occur if the work is not done correctly.

If the work is more involved, there are electrical code requirements and inspections that must occur.

Everyone desires to save money, but doing electrical work yourself can cost you more in the long run in the event you try to take things into your own hands. Even installing a simple light switch can be done incorrectly in the event you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

What looks to be a simple project can turn into a nightmare due to inexperience.

Save yourself the headache and call Bela Tech Electrical today.

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